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Reader's Comments (reproduced from Nikon)

Nikon 8008 body

I am a Photography student and have owned a Nikon 8008 for about a year now. I bought it used for a price of $250, and have loved it ever since. In my opinion, and some of you more "mature" users may feel differently, this is the best value Nikon has made in the autofocus line yet.

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As far as autofocus goes, it holds its own but nothing more. With newer lenses you will be getting some fairly good autofocus speed. Useing the new 28-70 and just about all lenses made recently your autofocus will be good. It's not quiet, but it is accurate and, depending on the lens, somewhat fast. Don't even think about using this with the older 80-200 f/2.8 in autofocus mode. It's SSSSOOOO slow and noisy it's not even worth trying. The newer "D" version of the 80-200 works well with it in autofocus mode, however. If you are looking for very fast autofocus SLR and can live without some of the other things, then buy a EOS. But if you can live with a decent to fairly good autofocus motor and would like some added perks, then go with the 8008.

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And the Verdict is...

-- Joe --, December 13, 1996