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EggmanIn March of 2000, I was thinking about getting a new camera.  Since I am student, I didn't have much money, but I still wanted a modern, well-built camera.  As a previous owner of the Nikon EM and the Nikon FG-20, I was very pleased with their quality.  Eventually I came to the conclusion that the Nikon N8008 (or F-801 internationally) was, by far, the best value for the best price.  Unfortunately for me, it took a lot of time to gather enough information in order to discover this great camera.  I made this website with the intent of making a reliable, and accurate guide in order to help future camera buyers.  Have fun!

F-801(s)/N8008(s) Information/Reviews:

Nikon N8008 lens compatibly chart

Nikon N90 and N8008 Comparison Chart

Nikon "N" series history/information

Nikon SLR Cameras 1988

FAQ on F-801 exposure modes and compensation

Durability of F-801/301

F-801s/N8008s Spec Sheet

N8008 Review #1

N8008 Review #2 (great pictures)

N8008 Review #3 (comprehensive, covers all the bases)

N8008 Review #4 (user comments, very helpful)


MF-21 Databack Guide (Acrobat PDF File)

Instruction Guide for building a release cable

General Nikon & Photography Websites/Mailing lists:

Nikon mailing list (the absolute best in existence) (everything Nikon)

New York Institute of Photography


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